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January 25 - February 1, 2024



Lemon Shark Dive Trip to Jupiter, FL

Experience the thrill of the annual Lemon Shark Aggregation - off the coast of Jupiter, FL “in the good ole US of A”, no passport required!

Lemon Shark Dive Trip to Jupiter, FL
Lemon Shark Dive Trip to Jupiter, FL

Time & Location

January 25 - February 1, 2024

Jupiter, Jupiter, FL, USA


About the event

Join us for our Shark Week at Jupiter, Florida!

Dive Plan:

25 January - 9am - 2 tank Aquatica/Reel Deep dives (Complete your Deep Specialty here!!!)

26 January - 9am - 3 tank Lemon Shark Dive

27 January - 9am - 2 tank Lemon Shark Dive & Night Dive

28 January - 9am - 3 tank Wreck Dive

29 January - 9am - 2 tank Sawfish Exploration Dive

30 January - 9am - 2 tank Lemon Shark Dive

31 January - 9am - 2 tank Jim's Reef Dive

1 February - 9am - 2 tank Lemon Shark Dive (Optional dive, if driving or leaving by air 2 February afternoon)

Cost: $400 non refundable deposit. Totals below are due 30 December 2023

Diving 25-31 January 2024: $1, 259

Adding the Additional Dive on 1 February 2024: $1, 403

Combine your Advanced Open Water Diver Specialties/Shark Ecology with extra day (1 February): $2,002

Airfare and accomodations are NOT included, but some costs are listed below. If 6 of us want to book a BnB, it will be less than $500 TOTAL for accommodations.

Nitrox included for all dives. Advanced and Nitrox certification required for Lemon Shark dives. All divers must have a DSMB and computer.

Things You Need To Know
  • At check-in, you will need to complete a Jupiter Dive Center liability release.
  • There is limited undercover space on the boat, so please bring a hat and sunblock to protect yourself.
  • Check-in is at 8:00 a.m. for the morning boat and 5:00 p.m. for the night dive
  • All divers are required to have a nitrox certification, a surface marker buoy (safety sausage), and a dive computer.
  • Please be prepared to surface with your buddy, as the dive guide is on the reef until the last diver is ready to come up or until everyone meets the planned dive time.

Jupiter Dive Center charters go to a variety of dive sites and offer a selection of experiences. Choose from local coral reefs and wrecks, or destinations specifically selected for night diving, lobster hunting, or their abundance of marine life, including sea turtles, lemon sharks, goliath groupers, or even the elusive sawfish! There is an in-water guide on every dive. Because of our proximity to the Gulfstream, all our dives are drift dives. If you’ve never been on a drift dive before, you’re in for a treat as you can go twice the distance with half the effort!

The depths of our reefs are 60-90 feet. To ensure the safety of our divers and to enhance the diving experience, our dives require the use of nitrox and/or an Advanced Open Water certification

Temperatures off the coast of Jupiter vary but despite diving on our nation’s only coral reef system, in the winter months, the temperature drops to a brisk 72 degrees (with the occasional thermocline that will drop it even lower). Exposure suit thickness is always a personal choice, but come the colder months, you’ll need a thick one.

Equipment is available for rent from Dive Masters or on site with Jupiter. If you need gear, we can send you the prices. 

Equipment is available for rent from Dive Masters or on site with Jupiter Dive Center. If you need gear, we can send you the prices.


$500 pp (6 minimum): Air BnB

$344-$1646 per night: Jupiter Beach Resort

$300/night: Jupiter waterfront inn

$167/night: Best Western

Airfare from San Antonio

$80: Spirit

$175-$465: Other airlines

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