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About Us

Teaching SCUBA Since 1976

It all started out in November of 1976 in a strip center off of McCarty Road in San Antonio. And now... decades later, we're back at the same strip center on McCarty Road. We've had one philosophy since then: teaching safe, smart divers and having a great time. 

Our Teaching Cadre comes from a variety of backgrounds to include military and public service. We strive to make sure our divers have the skills they need to make safe dives and enjoy the entire experience along the way. Teaching through SSI since our start, we also certify divers through  SDI, RAID and PADI, as well as have instructors on staff with the Divers Alert Network (DAN).  Our instructors are also trained Adaptive/Classified dive instructors, working with many great groups to include the Dive Pirates Foundation. 

Join us for good memories and adventures as we take you underwater! 

Meet Our Staff


Divemaster Instructor

Trav has been  teaching since 2012 after getting certified in 2009 with his dad, Gregg (below). He's certified as a Divemaster Instructor, and can teach through SSI, SDI, RAID and DAN. Travis is also one of the co-owners of Dive-Masters.

Dan Site Pic.png


Advanced Open Water Instructor

Dan has been diving with Dive-Masters since the 80s, and is now retired from the US Air Force as a doctor of Aerospace Medicine. Dan is certified as an instructor through SSI. Dan is also one of the co-owners of Dive-Masters.

Jack Site Pic_edited.jpg



Jack's retired US Marine Corps and was a military diver. His passion is spreading the love of scuba to fellow veterans. Jack is certified as an instructor through SSI, PADI and RAID. 




Gregg is retired from the US Air Force, and has been diving with his son, Travis, since 2009. He's certified as an instructor with SSI, RAID and DAN. Gregg is also the president elect for the Dive Pirates Foundation. 

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Shop Administrator

Melissa is the key to the whole operation. She keeps us organized and on track! A certified diver, she enjoys diving with her husband, Dan (above), and their two boys. Melissa is also working towards her Divemaster rating.




Tim has been diving for awhile now, and enjoys diving with his son Cam. Tim is certified through SSI and RAID, and is a SSI and RAID Divemaster. 

Katelyn Site Pic.png



Katelyn has been diving since 2011 and loves all things animals and diving! She's a pro when it comes to the ecology courses and is a newly minted SSI Divemaster! 



Shop Staff

Ethan has been diving since he was a wee little lad. He's currently in college at Texas A&M and is working towards his Divemaster rating.

In Loving Memory 
Tom Try Scuba.JPG

Tom Bartley, SSI #747

1948 - 2022

Tom had a passion for scuba, books, and people. A friend to many, Tom was known to pull a book off of his shelf and hand it to a stranger who he thought would enjoy it. Tom had been with the shop since the very beginning in 1976, and was our boss for a long time. We'll never forget the memories, laughter and love that we all shared with this amazing man. Today we carry the torch he passed and let his legacy live on in all of us. 

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