Since 1976, we've been teaching safe, smart divers how to scuba dive. Our mentality is that we will strive on the small things to make sure students are safe and confident in the open water. 


We love to dive, and we also love to have a good time. Whether it's live music on our shop floor, catching a beer at a local spot, or a cookout on our patio, we are family. 


With members on staff from military and public safety backgrounds, we also honor all of those who serve and protect our communities and nation. 


In addition, we have counselors on staff for the Boy Scouts of America Scuba merit badge. 

Meet The Staff

Teaching Staff


Tom...What can we say? He's the boss around here, and has been with the shop since 1976. He's our "go-to" guy for dive questions, and stuff that stumps the rest of us. He likes to talk about music, movies, and of course....scuba!


Travis has been diving since 2009, and teaching since 2012. He's a graduate of Trinity University, and studied...wait...Russian & History?! How that relates to diving....we have no idea!


Gregg has been diving since 2009 with his son Travis, and is in the Air Force. He enjoys salt water, good times, and good stories. We commonly call him "Pappy" or "Grumpy Cat" (even though he's really not grumpy). 


Jack is a Marine vet and is certified as an instructor through SSI, PADI and RAID. Jack's daughters recently got certified, and he enjoys family dive trips. 


This one here is our newest and youngest diver on his way to becoming a dive master, but until then, he's kind of like our squire.


Tim recently finished his Divemaster certification, and enjoys helping with classes. His hobbies include scuba (of course), photography, and making some groovy tunes. 

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