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We take a different approach to our Dive Professional classes. We treat these courses as "higher level" dive education, and operate similar to a graduate level program. Candidates will be placed in their cohort, and will cover many items of importance to today's Dive Professional. From basic watermanship review to dive planning, group management, equipment inspection and much more. 

The cohort will work towards their ratings, and ultimately evolve into safe, smart dive leaders. If you're interested, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and apply today!



Dive Guide

The first step of the Dive Professional pipeline.  Candidates will go through a 40 hour training program which includes classroom, pool, and open water experiences. 


Dive Master

Next up - Dive Master. Adding to the foundation built in the Dive Guide course, candidates will dive more in depth to the science behind diving, as well as additional practical exercises for today's working Dive Master.


ITC Qualified

Last but not least- we're looking to develop candidates into becoming effective, safe instructors. Working with partner dive shops in the area, we'll get you qualified to go to your Instructor Training Course and ultimately earn your card!

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-Dive Guide


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