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Where it all begins - The OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE

Scuba san antonio

The Open Water Diver course is the entry level scuba certification class. In this class, students will learn the basics of scuba, as well as the physics behind diving, safety concerns, dive planning, and much more. 


The course takes just four days to complete, and consists of academics sessions, pool sessions, and dives in a real open water environment. Because it fits most schedules, we tend to offer these courses on weekends. However, courses can be done on weekday evenings. 

In the pool sessions, students learn valuable "scuba skills" which will help them become comfortable, safe divers.


Instructors work on the philosophy of "comfort through repetition," meaning that these skills will be practiced over and over again until students and their instructor are comfortable with their performance. 

scuba san antonio
scuba san antonio

At the open water environment, divers get to show off their skills, and get real dive experience. Divers will also utilize their skills in dive planning, and record their dives in their divelogs. 


Usually after the dive, we try to find a place to meet at to do paperwork know... eat!

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